Past Projects

I have been building software for more than a decade. This period of time turned me into an expert.

Expert, [noun]: “A person that has made every possible mistake within his or her field.“
    –– Nils Bohr

Three projects worth mentioning:

3-D Secure for VIRBUS AG

Worked as team lead on design, implementation and certification of a VISA 3-D Secure Merchant PlugIn (MPI). This MPI was the first one on the german market, which was certified by VISA International.

e-Payment System for a PSP

Worked as team member on design and implementation of an e-payment system. It's hosted as SaaS (Software as a Service). A number of large german banks are licensees and use this system for providing PSP services to their business customers.

Camera K1

This was my first trial to build an iOS app and publish it at Apples App Store. Meanwhile this app is out of date and I removed it from the App Store.

Current Projects

Freelancer for itemis AG

Project lead for building a data warehouse system that clears bank card transactions. It's an in-house project of a financial services provider focused on services for electronic payments, like bank card issuing, operation of ATMs and operation of payment networks.

Single Source Prototyping

Project for TQ-Systems GmbH. Development of web apps and hybrid mobile apps with a single source. Consulting and concept, toolchain development and prototyping.

Future Projects

I am a full-stack developer.

No matter if it's databases, business logic, middleware, web frontends, graphic design or mobile apps – I can help you to move your project forward. Specifically if you are facing challenges that require a vertical drill through the whole stack.

Please let me know if you are interested in hiring me for contract work. Find my contact data below.


Bertram Kirsch
c/o Basislager Coworking
Karl Liebknecht Str. 14
04107 Leipzig

USt-IdNr.: DE294870257

phone: +49 (341) 22 32 11 66